WCTEL provides a cloud-based business communications solution that provides reliable voice service that is scalable, feature rich and with unmatched quality of service. No need to buy a phone system again! A comprehensive  set of features packed into our Hosted Business Communications solution makes it easy for you to be on the go and still get  work done from anywhere. Plus, our cellphone integration option keeps you always-connected.

Basic Call LogXXX
Call HoldXXX
Calling Name DeliveryXXX
Calling Number DeliveryXXX
Three Way CallXXX
Anonymous Call RejectionXXX
Automatic CallbackXX
Automatic Hold/ReviewXX
Busy Lamp FieldXX
Call Forward AlwaysXX
Call Forward BusyXX
Call Forward No AnswerXX
Call Forward Not ReachableXX
Call Forward SelectiveXX
Call NotifyXX
Call ParkXX
Call ReturnXX
Call TransferXX
Call WaitingXX
Calling Line ID BlockXX
Calling Name RetrievalXX
Directed Call PickupXX
Do Not DisturbXX
Last Number RedialXX
Long Distance AvailableXX
Outlook IntegrationXX
Push To TalkXX
Selective Call AcceptanceXX
Selective Call RejectionXX
Speed Dial 8XX
Speed Dial 100XX
Toolbar/Broadworks Assistant - EnterpriseXX
Voicemail UserXX
Alternate NumbersX
Call ManagerX
CommPilot ExpressX
Multiple Call ArrangementX
Remote OfficeX
Sequential RingX
Shared Call AppearanceX
Simultaneous Ring PersonalX
West Carolina AnywhereX

Business Phone Line (Non-HBS) $29.95/mo (includes Voicemail, Business Internet Required)

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