It seems that in a blink of an eye, summer came and left all at once. And what a glorious blur it has been! Summer festivals, farmers markets and our annual meeting provided opportunities to visit with customers and members. Through our Upcountry Fiber partnership with Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, we are making construction progress — record setting, in fact.

We welcomed Darius Rucker for the first-ever Southern Fried Circuit charity concert event benefiting the Upcountry Fiber Foundation. Thousands of people from South Carolina and beyond flocked to Anderson to watch our South Carolina-native belt out his famous songs all in the name of benefiting his home state. We announced more funding to connect the Upstate, including parts of McCormick County, thanks to a solid partnership with the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Affairs. And, we recently announced our newest service plans, designed for those who want even faster than fast speed without leaving the quaint rural life we collectively love, 2.5 gigabit and 10 gigabit service. The need for more bandwidth is only going to continue to grow. Our new multigig service offerings are perfect for households where there are several devices competing for a lot of bandwidth. Think about the professional who works from home and is on a Zoom call while the kids are streaming movies and playing online video games. Having multigig service allows each of them to have zero lag time. Additionally, from an economic development standpoint, our new multigig service allows people to have even more opportunities to work from home, which is a plus for drawing more professionals to our area and supporting the ones who are already here. We are excited to be a part of what makes the Upstate even more attractive with this critical service. Simply put, we’ve built an internet network that will be ready for your technology needs when they arise — or even sooner. The truth is, we’ve never really considered ourself an internet provider. Rather, we provide an internet experience and related services designed to help you live your optimum life. That’s why we’ve curated a variety of internet speed packages, along with WiFi options that fit what you need and want. Our account service representatives are highly trained and happy to talk through options with you based on how you use your internet. So, while it’d be tempting to sell everyone 10 Gig internet because it’s simply the fastest, we won’t do that, because it may not be best for YOU. And, that is the West Carolina difference. We want to match you with the best internet package for your lifestyle. Choosing the right speed package may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. We are your partner, and serving you fairly and kindly is our mission.