How do we make 2024 a good year?

“And now we welcome a new year. Full of things that have never been.”

This quote, by poet Rainer Maria Rilke, speaks the truth so clearly. The closing of one year is always an astounding memory jog. So many things happen in 365 days. What will the new year hold? My hope is that 2024 brings this world more good than bad, healing, recovery and hope. How does one heal a broken world? Help a neighbor. Pick up that discarded wrapper that you see on the sidewalk. Pay it forward. In essence, it starts with us. Little acts lead to big changes. There is no better testament to this than our recent Give Big, Get Gig promotion where our customers and employees collectively donated nearly four tons of food to area food pantries, almost doubling last year’s donations! The stories shared by customers who donated were touching and a testament to our generous community. As inflation rates spike, we’re seeing it in our own backyard. The rates we charge for television programming are driven by the costs we pay programmers. Our programmers notified us that per-customer programming rates are drastically increasing in 2024. We understand this is a significant increase, and we, too, are dismayed by the exorbitant costs being passed on to our customers. To be clear, WCTEL does not profit off of your television service. We understand that this increase may be too significant for you to continue receiving television service from WCTEL. We want to help you find ways to lower your bills. To that end, should you wish to discontinue television service and try streaming using WCTEL’s internet service, we are running a promotion where you may choose between receiving a free streaming device or a complimentary speed boost to our premium 1-Gig service for the months of January, February and March. To take advantage of this promotion, please call our office at 864-446-2111 and mention “cut the cable.” Go to to learn more. Many people are leery of streaming. I understand, it is a shift from traditional television. The good news, though, is that there are many streaming services that offer a similar experience — and channel lineup — to the TV experience you are accustomed to. To learn more, visit While we are not affiliated with a streaming service, nor do we promote one platform over another, we are committed to helping you understand that you do have options. Together, we’re going to make positive changes in 2024.