Working daily to help our community thrive

Hello! Summer is here, and with it comes so many memories. Family reunions. Fourth of July celebrations. Lake time. Grilling. Fireflies. Vacations.

It also means extra insects, extreme heat and humidity. With all things in life, there is a flip side. It’s where you put your focus that makes all the difference. These early mornings are when I walk to beat the heat. It’s a time of reflection, the setting of intentions and thoughts for how we continue to make progress. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations and focus on what could be improved, where efficiencies could be gained and the day-in and day-out hum of life. But that isn’t how innovation is born, and that isn’t how excellence is achieved. Late in the spring, our board and leadership team held a strategic planning retreat. This year’s retreat was different. Instead of focusing on operations and financials, we focused on the one thing that drives everything we do — YOU. Philosophically and tangibly, how can we serve you better? We kicked off the meeting with each board member sharing what it means to serve on the WCTEL/WCFIBER board: “It makes me proud to serve this organization that offers service that rivals, if not exceeds, urban areas.” “We do important work and get to do it with joyful people. I love being a part of that.” “What we do matters. It is a privilege to be a part of something that matters.” “We work with and serve some of the finest people I’ve ever met.” “Loyalty. Legacy. Longevity. I will never take serving on this board lightly.” “I am in alignment with people of integrity. Serving this board has done more for my personal development than what I can ever give back.” “I’m proud and honored to be a part of this history and legacy, and to be trusted to give back to it.” “This is a family atmosphere.” Simply put, your board is working for you. Every single day. During our time together, we assessed what it means to serve you. There is a deep knowing within collective DNA that service extends far beyond our internet, voice and TV. We are committed to not only the sustainability of our communities, but we are also determined to work with you to strengthen them. Through the Freshwater Coast Community Foundation, we are giving back. We are investing in our youth through a variety of programs, including the Abbeville Promise, our scholarship program and the Foundation for Rural Service Youth Tour. We are investing so our youth stay here, get an education here and hopefully build a life right here. Through our enhanced WiFi X service, we’re now able to protect your homes from cyberthreats and intrusions and offer enhanced parental controls that help give you peace of mind. Through community education classes, we’re working to give you tools to ease your day-today lives. But we’re not complacent. Our board doubled down on our commitment to enact and enhance programs to better serve you and ALL of our communities. We have a few action items. Stay tuned, and know this: We are committed to a spirit of continued service excellence. It is an honor to serve you.