Your peace of mind. Our promise.

Greetings! We are inching our way toward warmer weather after a colder-than-usual winter. Many of you — our teams included — experienced burst pipes and power outages this past December during the cold.

Times like these remind us how fragile our homes are in the face of Mother Nature’s power. No doubt, we all took action to fix the broken pipes and protect our homes from future extremes. I think of our home WiFi in much the same way. I’m not sure if you realize it, but with all the WiFi-enabled devices in our homes, we are essentially running our own home networks. In fact, the average home now has a minimum of 10 devices connected to WiFi. These networks must be fortified, too. After all, we don’t operate computers without antivirus software. We need to think about our total home WiFi network in the same way. Every device connected to your home WiFi represents access points for incoming threats. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more savvy, looking for any entryway into your home. Think about the way you spray for insects around your house. What if you could put up a barrier around your home to keep threats from coming in before they even reach your devices? And better yet, what if you could take control over your home WiFi network by noting every connected device, setting up guest networks and even having enhanced parental controls and bandwidth prioritization? And, what if the backbone of this system was a commercial-grade, state-of-the-art router, capable of WiFi 6 and so much more? I’m excited to share that all this is available through our new managed WiFi plan, WiFi X, the replacement for our previous WiFi Standard service. Enabled by our GigaSpire routers, which many of you already enjoy, WiFi X brings you the ultimate WiFi experience. Enhanced protections optimize this experience by monitoring and stopping threats, intrusions and viruses on your network. WiFi controls regulate which devices can connect to the network and allow you to block entire internet categories, enable safe searches and prioritize selected devices’ bandwidth action. The best part is that WiFi X literally puts the control in your hands through an enhanced version of an app that many of you already enjoy. This service is an evolution of our commitment to you: to deliver a stellar internet experience that provides you peace of mind and seamless access to the world. All new customers signing up for service who choose our WiFi plan will be on our WiFi X service. Existing customers who are interested in switching to WiFi X can call us at 864-446-2111 to sign up. While we are proud of the quality and speed of our internet service, we are even prouder to be your internet partner. Your enhanced internet experience may be our mission, but your peace of mind is our promise.