WiFi X


A Worry-Free WiFi Experience

This plan includes a worry-free WiFi experience including tech support, set up of your devices on your WiFi network, an app with full control of your WiFi, and much more!


  • A great WiFi connection, every time
  • Installation of a high-end wireless router
  • Password protection of your wireless network
  • Set-up of select devices in the home at the time of installation
  • A single point of contact for tech support, available 24/7
  • WiFi Hub, a hands-on app that puts control of your home WiFi at your fingertips
    • Link and control your whole home and smart home devices
    • Update your network name (SSID)
    • Create a guest network
    • Run accurate speed tests
    • Set up Enhanced Parental Controls to give you ultimate peace of mind
      • Regulate which devices have access to WiFi and when
      • Block entire internet categories, apps and websites
      • Safe Search: Remove inappropriate and explicit content for user search results
      • Set priority to selected devices bandwidth access 
    • Prevent Threats before they access your home network
      • Manage network usage and access
      • Monitor blocked threats, intrusions, and viruses on your network
      • Get real-time alerts when a threat has been blocked
      • Easily perform a security scan on all your devices

WiFi Extended


The WiFi Extended package includes all the benefits of the WiFi X package plus a WiFi Extender to reach areas in your home to enable full WiFi coverage. Wiring fee applies.

WiFi Premium Mesh Network


The WiFi Premium Mesh Network Package is for larger homes where having a seamless WiFi connection throughout the entire home is essential. This package does not contain the WiFi X Package. Installation and Wiring fee apply.