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Smart Rural Community

Nationally Recognized Advanced Fiber Network


This past year, our community was nationally recognized as a Smart Rural Community. What that means is the technology available and how our community is using that technology show that we are a progressive, vibrant place in which to live and do business. This designation was earned through an application process with the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association. Applicants must go through a rigorous review by a committee made up of national representatives from federal agencies and the telecommunications industry. The board and employees of West Carolina Tel are proud to have earned this prestigious award for our community.


West Carolina Tel was founded in 1952 and serves approximately 900 square miles and a population of over 39,000 with the most advanced technology available today. In fact, in most of our service area, gigabit internet is available – that’s 1,000 Megabits per second (The average internet speed in the United States is less than 20 MBPS). Lots of larger cities in South Carolina do not have access to the same internet speeds as we do here in our community. It is through West Carolina’s progressive network that our communities and businesses have been able to innovate and thrive. With access to next-generation applications for distance learning, telehealth services, public safety and security, our area has a bright future.


This designation and the resources that made this area eligible for the award can be used to attract and retain businesses and help our community prosper.


"Technology and the value of broadband is at the forefront of WCTEL’s culture. Every employee lives and breathes the importance of broadband and understands the impact an all-fiber network with Gig speeds has on the community. Many employees are active in the community and WCTEL fosters a culture of service to others."

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