West Carolina is excited to announce that our TV network upgrade has started taking place, and will continue over the next two weeks. We are pleased to share a new viewing experience with network logos, conveniently grouped channels and the ability to go back using the rewind TV channels by up to 36 hours (previously 3 hours).

Current viewing experience

Upgraded viewing experience

IMPORTANT: What you need to know

  1. Channel Lineup
    • WCTEL  and WCFIBER GA customers: Your channel lineup is changing. Your new channel lineup was mailed to you in February. You can also find it here.
    • Upcountry Fiber and WCFIBER SC customers: Your channel lineup will remain unchanged
  2. If you subscribe to Whole Home DVR service
    • DVR recording scheduling WILL be affected. Your scheduled DVR recordings will NOT adjust automatically, which means you WILL need to reprogram your favorite shows. (NOTE: This is an unforeseen change from our previous notice to you.)
    • Any programs saved prior to 8/1/2022 WILL NOT be saved. 
  3. Upgrade Process
    • As the changeover happens, your programs saved prior to 8/1/2022 will first be deleted, and over the course of the next day, you will see changes to your TV channel guide.
    • Please make sure all your set top boxes are plugged in and connected to the network cable.
  4. Channel Guide
    • Your TV channel guide will look different. When you select “Guide” on your remote control, you will see that the channel guide will look different than what you are experiencing today. With this new system, the guide has been enhanced. 

Please call us at (864) 446-2111 if you have any questions or concerns.